Saturday, 30 June 2012

Nieuwpoort - Day 1

Today was the first day of the Nieuwpoort week regatta in Belgium, and for the first time we have had all 5 sailors together and sailing! There are sailors here from GBR, Holland, USA, Belgium, France, Brasil, Czech Republic and some of our well known German friends.

Following the usual briefings and opening ceremonies the fleet launched for the long sail out to the start line in around 12-15 knots of wind. Well almost all the sailors anyway! One sailor (name will remain private) had forgotten to bring their tally from the accommodation, so after a quick trip to fetch it launched as well, and made the start thanks to a speedy tow.

For the first two days sailors are spilt into two fleets, before Gold and Silver racing later in the week.

Very unusually for Nieuwpoort, tide made very little difference in the first race as it was just turning from ebbing to flowing. Because of this getting clear from the start-line was key for being in the top few places at the windward mark. After this downwind speed and then spotting the incoming right shift became the priorities. Max sailed a consistent race after a good start to start the regatta with a second, as did Jamie, who managed to break free from a slightly less good start.
Martin and Milo both got clear starts and good first beats, but were unfortunate to lose out a little on the right shift in the second half of the race, ending up with a 6 and a 8 respectively. Arran on the other hand, spotted this change and pulled up to finish a credible third in his flight.

Other Brits also performed well, Ryan Orr winning the first flight, and Clark Rutter sailing a good overall race for a fourth place.

By race two the tide had started to run at about 6 boat-lengths per minute against the wind, resulting in several general recalls for both fleets. Unfortunately Milo was one of the sailors caught out by this. I think we can put this down to “rustiness” as Milo has not sailed for the past month because of a broken arm!

Again, Martin made a good start, but both he and Ryan (race 1 winner) lost their top three positions sailing to the wrong windward mark and having to come back against the tide. Unfortunately this left them with results they weren’t so happy with, a good learning point nonetheless!

Max and Arran, both racing in the second flight rounded in the top four at the windward and held this to the finish to score another consistent race each. Jamie, after another not so great start was able to make some clever decisions to lead around the leeward mark and hold this to the finish.  Another Brit, George Ford also managed a well deserved top 5.

Overnight standings leave Miel (Belgian worlds team sailor) in the lead with two race wins, followed by Jamie, Max and then Arran.

3 more races scheduled tomorrow with a launch at around 10am, and the forecast suggests up to 20 knots! We could be in for some BIG waves, the hallmark of this venue in strong winds!

Friday, 29 June 2012

Worlds Team leave for Flanders

Today the Worlds team leave for their last event, before the Optmist Worlds in the Dominican Republic, Flanders or as it is better known in Europe,  Nieuwpoort Week . This will be the first time the whole team have been at an event together since the Selections. Best of luck guys . It should be cooler and windier than Singapore.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Euros team leaving

Tonight the British Optimist Europeans Team are packing their bags for Italy . They leave early tomorrow. We wish them luck and a good event. follow them on  European Team Blog

Monday, 25 June 2012

Final update

Max made the prizes and Martin just missed out .

The prize winners

Final results

We had a great time and would like to thank all the sailors. parents and staff at the Singapore Sailing Federation  for being so welcoming. We also want to thank Pensato for making it possible financially for us to go,  Sarah and Granny for our all non sailing trips and finally  Ross for being a great non member of the team.

Our next trip is Flanders on Friday where we will welcome Milo back but not the whole team as Carla is missing this one.  For the first time in four years she will not be at the Europeans for her birthday and will be at home eating strawberries and cream ....

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

all finished

Two races today . Max looks to held his top ten placing with an 11th and 6th but we are not sure about Martin who had a late teens and a twenty . Prize giving in half an hour. Our boats all handed back without damage and no lost trollies ..

The Singaporeans are all tucking into delicious picnics and asking us to sample the fare. Its usually very delicate flavours with a spicy kick.

We will try and get some pictures for prize giving before leaving for the airport and  our long flight home . Carla , Martin and Jamie leave first and arrive last. Tim has to be at work at 9am so he is going direct.


It is now 14.45 here and the last start has to be before 16.00hrs and the PRO has just launched the fleet .. it has been very hot but the wind has now picked up enough to race .

Last Days Racing

Launched on time in around 4kts... but this died off and we are currently waiting on shore again. Hotter and less clouds than the previous couple of days so some potential for racing later.


Bugis St

So last night we finally got to down town Singapore and a stroll down Burgis St and then had dinner in a Thai restaurant.

This morning we had to start a little earlier because we had to check out of hotel before going racing so nobody could forget anything as they have everything with them . Sarah met us in the boat park with her all over sun spray before going back for Granny .

Sailors have gone but the PRO at the briefing promised the sailors that if he saw everyone going backwards he would postpone. He has just done so after an hours drift so they will be in and we will have more practice at sitting waiting to go racing . " no breeze and 2 knots of current "

We have plenty to do with all our lists of stuff that sailors, Tim and Carla now realise that they need for Worlds , what they want to work on both off and on shore between now and then.  Arran and Milo we will be copying you in so don't think you will be escaping the key phrases : " we need to be more professional " "sort the basics " " we are at a sailing regatta  not on holiday " "where are your shoes? drink? hat ? suncream ?" have you signed on /off ? "

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Finished for the Day

We are finished for the day ,one race, abandoned and as luck would have it Jamie's best start and first beat of the series .. Gutted..

Max guided by Tim won his appeal despite some strange interpretations of our rule book ..

we are finally off shopping and out for dinner .. more tomorrow

gone ...

Sailors have just launched and PRO is going for three races today , so any hopes of shopping in Burgis St followed by  dinner on the waterfront are fading, same as yesterday.

Tim and Carla have been sitting in the air conditioned library working on the request by the Sailor who was DSQ'd in Max's protest for re opening the protest hearing on the grounds of new evidence and error made by the jury. We argued forcefully with the Race committee this morning that we were not prepared to have this heard while the sailors were waiting to go racing so Max is in blissful ignorance of all of this. We also wanted some advice on case law from the UK and everyone was asleep first  thing .

We have had some rather peculiar in the conversations because the one of the jury was also sitting in the library.


The PRO has postponed racing due to lack of breeze It is nearly 1.00pm here and most of you are all still asleep and we are practising sitting in the boat park waiting to go racing . Fortunately there is plenty of shade, water and food in the cafe for us. Some of the team are finding it easy than others to sit and wait, it is an aquired skill. The beef fried rice is going down well

As usual somebody forgot something this morning there was a "hat panic" as we were about to get our taxis but it was shortlived.

The beef fried rice is about 4$singapore which is what those who work in MacDonalds are paid and that is regarded as the minimum wage about £2 an hour. There is no welfare in Singapore and everyone has to work . The rubbish collectors we see in the park are paid about 14$singapore a day .

Monday, 18 June 2012

Max wins protest

I was presently surprised (not)  after coming in by being told I was about to be protested by a Singaporean with 2 witnesses. Looking back my response to the situation was less then ideal. However I pulled myself together and managed to find a really nice Indonesian kid called Thomas to witness me. Thanks to the help from Tim I went into the protest well prepared, the Singaporeans however did not. The protest itself was fairly one sided as the Singaporean sailor continuously changed his story and his witnesses helped me rather than the other way around. I then called in Thomas who was completely calm and put the whole situation to bed.

The end result, SIN 4496 DSQ from race 9.

monday racing

Two races today , the PRO decided not run a third race today because of potential risk of storms and loss of visibility as he said " I have been caught before with a 100 oppies out there and zero visibility" . The wind shifted and the start line could easily be seen from the shore .

Lots of starting practice today in 6 knots with at least ten starts but no Black flags . In the first race the wind came in from the right . Martin started at middle pin and went round the windward mark in mid thirties and got up to twenties  Max chose the pin and this did not pay because he could not cross the fleet as the wind did not shift back left like it usually does.. Jamie enjoyed getting good starts on the abandoned races. 

Second race the wind shifted 60 degrees right and so a completely new direction and oscillating breeze . The ships  caused huge wind shadows and one sailor went from 5th to 35th on the down wind leg. You needed to go low to avoid it. Max first was first round the windward mark and down wind the front group slowed each other down going really high and he was left at 15th at the bottom mark . Max pulled himself to finish 11th. The girl who rounded the leeward mark first because a massive left shift ended up 30th at the finish . so it was all a bit snakes and ladders . Martin went from 25th at leeward mark and took the left went turned into a reach and he finished 9th . The luckiest sailor of the day.

Sailors are complaining we are only mentioning the things that go wrong not the thing that go right so,  so far today everyone remembered to sign on and off , 3 out of 4 organised their own drinks, suncream , had enough breakfast, two remembered their sunglasses, three collected their dry bags out of the rib.

We thought we are going to go for a trip into town and an early supper however Max has got himself  in a protest and so he and Tim are still in the boat park sorting it out and we are waiting for the outcome
Our Sailors reported the PRO said at the morning briefing how impressed he was with the manners of the international sailors because they  acknowledge the Race Boat at the beginning and end of racing . He told the Singaporeans they could learn something from their visitors. Our guys think he is nearly up to Stog level but not quite and he tries to use as few black flags as possible.

cars and stuff

So today  I learnt  that six million people live here on an island that has a coast line of 120 miles , they drive on the left and cars are expensive and whats more only 20 % of the population have them . To have car you have to bid for a licence which might cost you between £30,000-£50,000 on top of the cost of a car and there are only 2400 issued a year and it last ten years and then you have to buy another one . Income tax is low 18% but goods and services taxes ( our VAT)  are very high and seems to be on everything . Almost everything has to be imported here hence all the ships in the bay , the sailors reckon they can see about a 100 . The stockbroker parent I met today told me that the economic situation here is being influenced by the problems with the Euro and they are watching what is happening in Greece and Spain closely. The market is being very cautious and his commision is not good but his wife is running small internet business supplying cloth nappies which is helping.

The local English paper "The Straights" has lots of opinion on the Eurocup so even we are not escaping the football.  It is always interesting to see how we are percived from afar.

The parents of the Singaporean sailors are like us very concerned about sailing distracting from school work, but are keen on the sailing as it is an outdoors sport. Everyone speaks English here and Chinese or Malay as well depending on their background . You have to study two languages at school along with maths and science to get into secondary school. Singapore only qualified in the Laser class this year and no other disclipines for the olympics . Youth sailing in 420 and 29er is not strong at all. Thier laser national are running alongside  the Optimist fleet but the fleet is v small.

The overall population is noticeably slimmer than in the UK and the food is very good and of great variety . It is very clean here and any rubbish is being picked up all the time . All the parks and planting along the highways is immaculate . It makes a good contrast to all the high rise blocks and traffic.

The sailors enjoyed the Raffles Hotel Long Bar with the peanut shells chucked all over the floor. It is much changed from its delapidated state when I last went in 1981 when I was  about Tim's age and it was a place nobody went and was due for demolition. I  went because my father had done so when posted here during national servcie  and he told me I should. Now it is a destination in its own right but we were smart enough to be allowed in !

Ps the boy is doing good

Sunday, 17 June 2012

lessons learnt

Always read the SI's and work out what is different and remember to do it ! check your alarm works and that of your room  mate or you will be late! waterproof suncream is better than non waterproof
     suncream. Silly bright hats might look stupid but they work.

 its not all about sailing so today we went to the famous Raffles hotel


Gin Slings ( Virgin Ones for sailor's) at the Raffles Hotel ( Thanks Max's granny! )

followed by a meal in the best  Italian in town ( thanks Sarah !)

Saved by the PRO!

Well we should have been back two hours ago but there was a small matter of none of our sailors signing out to go racing this morning along with two other foreign sailors also. What their coach said to them is unrepeatable.. It was v clear in the SI's that not signing may lead to DSQ for the first race of the day . Max and Martin were very unhappy as you might imagine , about to loose a second and a 17th . Any way after some charm from us to the PRO,some international diplomacy behind the scenes and  some mistakes by the Race office etc we managed to avoid all penalties . It was a great relief to all a hopefully never to be repeated mistake.

We are now off to the Raffles Hotel for cocktails ( adults only and we need them tonight! ) and out for dinner down town with the Sarah Clapp and her mother .

Results will be posted later but Max is 6th overal and Martin 15th , Jamie has moved up a few places and Ross has consolidated his position. It was a bit windier today and we had three races .

more pictures

These are the pictures Carla took on her bike ride from the sailing centre down towards town . There is this big park called the East Coast Park where lots of families were having BBQ's riding bikes and generally doing their stuff. Many arriving in taxis with all their thing  for the day, deck chairs, drinks, food and all the usual paraphernalia. Our lady taxi driver yesterday told us one of  the reasons she drove a taxi was because it meant she had a car.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Today's Lessons

So team has worked out that we need to drink more, only Ross reached the target today.. Martin's platypus' work great ( thanks Milo) and his intake is up1500x

Suncream needs to be waterproof not just factor 30  and needs to be reapplied between every race... , leggings need to reach into your boot or you get funny brown ankle ring tan lines. After sun cools pink patches nicely but only one sailor has any with them ( thanks Martin)

Tomorrow Max needs to bring his sailing boots to the boat park , Jamie his mast clamp, Ross thinks his dark leggings might be better than vaguely pink legs..Max is still risking the pink legs..

Everyone at the club has been very kind  and offered us all the help we need . Dolly and  Clarissa were particularly hospitable to us. We are not the only non Singapore sailors here and but the members  are very pleased to see us. There is a great cafe at the club serving all sorts of fresh cooked food all day . Carla was lent a bike today so went for a ride  down the east coast and will put some pictures up later.

One Singapore parent at the club told me today she would be late tomorrow because she has to sit her Buddhist exam . Apparently it takes five years and this is only her thrid year exam. Apparently it is quite hard, what would taking an exam do to church attendance in the UK?

There were some parents today being talked to by a teacher from a top school in Singapore explaining that five places are offered in each school for top sports students and all the schools want the sailors. Everyone has to take something like the 11+ here but if you are a good sailor you might get in with lower grades.. So going sailing is an advantage to these children and they are coached and given extra time with their studies.. Tomorrow night there is a special talk at the club from the two Singapore Laser sailors who are coming to Weymouth for the olympics. how strange that Tim's mumis the timekeeper for the Laser course at the olympics..

Our hotel is in the middle of the island and about 20-30 minutes taxi rides from the club but more convenient for our sightseeing . We are pleased to be surrounded by some swish hospitals that hopefully we will not be visiting .We have free wifi , great breakfast and four of us have double beds.

Coaches Update from the day -

A very interesting day on the water. Wind started of as a patchy 3-5 kts with around 15 degree shifts. It stayed like this for the first 3 races. For the fourth, it filled in, swung a little right and became more of  8-10 knot breeze with more consistent pressure but slightly larger shifts. Waves were fairly consistent all day, with about a 1 ft chop, which was messy in places!

The priorities throughout the day generally shifted as the conditions changed. In races 1-3 a clear start was critical so that you could get to the pressure you needed, a poor start or slow accleration made it extremely difficult to get where you wanted without someone tacking on you and dictating your tactics! After the start heading to the pressure became critical. Easier said than done though, as there were many tricky decisions about when or when not to go for a smaller gust, or maybe take a short header to get to the pressure!

There were also some interesting learning points around tactics on the run, and which gybe you want to be on! There are a lot of very quick downwind sailors here, so it made it downwind tactics more obvious and important than normal! Similarly there were some interesting decisions on when, or when not to open up a gap (leverage) on the fleet so that you could gain from a gust or shift!

By race 4 the wind had become more even across the course, and as a result the new priority was being on the right shift! In the last two minutes before the start the wind went about 15 degrees right. Those that noticed this, and then got on to port (the lifted tack) quickly after the start ended up significantly ahead of those that didn't when the wind then went back to the right halfway up the beat.

All in all a very very useful experience so far given the new and challenging conditions and the whole experience of travelling, chartering, the heat, working and living as a team racing in a very competitive and quick fleet! A good number of positives from today which we have discussed and hope to continue or improve further and also some key learning points, or areas to improve for everyone.

Onwards and upwards (hopefully) tomorrow!


saturday racing

We had four races today in what they call breeze here but we call 8-10knots although some white caps were seen first thing . All GBR were in the Gold fleet . Martin had our best day except for the BFD which cost him third place overall. Max also had a good day but faded away in the last race when the wind shifted and was stronger for that in the previous races. Jamie and Ross did not have such a fun day and they have not quite worked out why yet . We managed no sun burn and but we probably did not despite our best efforts drink enough today . Tim wants an all encompassing Arab style sun hat and we want him to find some new long sleeved light coloured shirts he only has one we think is beginning to smell already .. we had some new fruits today all red and prickly which tasted a bit like lychees.. photos should be up shortly

Friday, 15 June 2012

Somethings are the same wherever you are !


Everyone has arrived safely. Tim arrived us after when he was supposed to get there before us  . Max and Ross Banham have sorted and rigged Martin and Jamie's boats. Very hot over 30C and humid. Leonard Takaheshi Fry NZL is also here, Pim and his dutch team , CZE girl. Our hotel is downtown and we are going for  a wander before bedtime. Doing well on the jetlag so far. Qatar airlines managed to feed Jamie without prompting and he has not complained he is hungry at all.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Singapore Nationals

Some of the Worlds team are off to Sinagpore tonight to take part in the Singapore Nationals. Unfortunately Milo's arm is not better yet and Arran has some GCSE's  to do. Bad luck guys.  

Sunday, 10 June 2012


Max with his prize for winning in Helsinki.
How are you going to get that back on the plane ?

Monday, 4 June 2012


So we finished quite early on Sunday with three races and lighter winds with bigger shifts.  Even at prizegiving there were still not any results up, but we were in the chocolates with Jamie finishing 8th and Arran 14th each getting a nice glass to take home . It was good to see GBR amongst all the NED orange . Max did not become a dragon but he did score two top fives which improved his humour  and Martin upped his drinking. There was no chocolate cake so Tim had to settle for some cold pasta. We had our usual number of setbacks such as Jamie's charter trolley going walkabout never to be seen again, a goose chase to find petrol for the hire car, and a  road closure on the M40 for Carla.

So we are now all home except for Max and Sarah SB who have gone to Helsinki for a week, Jamie was in school for the last lesson today and revision for the other two. Milo, we missed you but have some goodies for you.

Our next trip is Singapore nationals , Max, Jamie and Martin with Tim and Carla leave on the 14th June for a week.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Mid morning

This will be the last post until the end of racing because there is no internet in the club for Carla to access and Tim has not quite worked out how to blog directly from his phone , but he will do soon.

Minor crisis for Max who managed to forget his gloves this morning, so much for turning into a dragon!
Martin promises to have drunk all his bottles by the end of racing . Jamie had to be chased about suncream which is not quite in his morning routine yet or so he tells me. Arran it not quite sure why he feels out of sorts but admitted he did.

Tim says they were all busy doing their routines when he did the Max glove rescue

More later


Sailors had more sleep last night and are just packing their bags before setting off for the boatpark. Arran having lost his readybrek has discovered there are other things that you can eat on racing days for breakfast. Max and Jamie have worked out that if you arrive late for breakfast in a German hotel you might have to eat your breakfast on your knee in the lobby.

Martin has found his lost yellow ribbon and so we will get our five euros back.

Weather forecast is 8-10knots overcast watery sun with a little rain later . Three races scheduled today , 200 sailors in three flights . Last start not after 14.00hrs . Results of only two races had been posted last night and the Dutch had the first four places .

Will try and post later if Tim's laptop still has battery but we have to be out this accommodation by 11.00am, so lets us hope the predicted rain shower is not when the sailors are getting changed in the car park after sailing.

Saturday, 2 June 2012


Sarah SB ( Max's cousin ) and Carla spent a busy day developing the new look blog, going to the supermarket and then they slipped into a Kiel for slightly surreal afternoon where they found Gay rights parade going on, a family fun run and a huge crowd dressed in black and, white some wearing zebras on their hats, the supporters of the local handball team whose final match of the season was happening at the stadium in the middle of the city. 

Then in the local department store we found a second optimist being used to promote stuff , this one was full of marzipan lobsters 

Saturday's Sailors Round Up

Jamie's aim is repeat today's processes
his objectives are 1. use the time before the start to best advantage again
                            2. improve his morning routine by getting everything ready tonight
"Today was Scotland . Raining with wind"

Arran's aim is  to reduce the mistakes
his objectives are 1. Practice pre start routines
                            2. work harder on the reaches
"Today was like Cransley but 30knots "

Max's aim is become a dragon and avoid knights in shining armour
His objectives are 1. get the basics right ie pre start routine
                             2. drink more, eat more, sleep more
"I was disappointed today and I hope to have a better day today."
Martin's aim is consistency of performance over the whole day
His objectives are 1. get a transit
                             2. drink more and remember stuff
"I was happy with today"

Coach's aims to be a better coach
His objectives are 1. film the starts
                             2. eat less chocolate cake
                             3. more positive comments on water
"Difficult but not complicated"

Race three

Sailors beginning to tire, needed a clear plan to make the most of the shifts.. got very cold when the rain came through ..Arran 5, Jamie 5, Martin 10, Max 13 maybe 14 .. Bart well known NED sailor had three bullets Odile van Aanholt from AHO had two bullets and top three ..

Gusty all day, quite big shifts "difficult but not complicated" conditions

Second Race -Saturday

More results

Jamie 2, Martin 3, Arran 12, Max 17 ( yellow flag off start line did not help !)

Pre Start routines are proving critical.. some were able concentrate and get what they need, others missed the obvious like getting the transits

From the water...

Hot off Tim's telephone: Gusty, 15-22 knots.  Arran 2, Jamie 4, Max 12, Martin 15.  A few mistakes and minor dramas - all can improve!  Four races could be a very long tough day! But the sun is shining so we're happy.

Saturday Morning

Saturday Launching at 9am ( 8am UK time)
Up at seven breakfast at 7.30am, boat park at eight, sailor briefing at 8.30am boat park is only a three minute walk from hotel and a good thing too. As expected sailors were not very organsied today, and returns to the hotel to get the following : missing whistle, new kicker rope, sail ribbon, sunglasses ( more than one pair). Max, desperate to go the loo opted to wait until he was on the water rather than pay to go on shore. So lots of points lost.
Everyone missed the sailor briefing (minus 25points) but it was all in German anyway (plus 25 points)

More pictures from today in photo album....

Friday, 1 June 2012

Sailors views... (Friday)

Four out of Five, Max, Martin, Arran and Jamie

Arran (Einstein) - Chilling watching the worst session of washing up in the history of man kind (Max and Jamie).  Finally discovered that heavy wind sailing is all in the head! good day today... looking forwards to the racing tomorrow! Pic below...

Martin (nickname pending) - Today was absolutely amazing! Managed to do my first pitchpole, which was one of the most fun things I have ever done. I somehow managed to slice my thumb open with the metal from the eyelet on the tack, which was pretty deep but was sorted by Carla and I soon went sailing. Learnt a lot today, mainly about mainsheet control which I realised was very important in gusty conditions.
(coaches note: "mountain out of a mole hill" springs to mind) 

Jamie (Wee Haggis) - Today was just like SCOTLAND heavy winds, the first time in months since i have hiked. Have a few chores to do on the boat before tomorrow. Tomorrow is to be the same conditions as today which will be brilliant.Sharing a room with Maxi boy.... time to get some sleep!
(coaches note: not quite like Scotland, it was warm and didn't rain!)

Maximus Decimus Meridius, father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife (Max) - and I will have my vengeance in this life or the next.

Everyone seems to be complaining about waking up early... well I got out of bed at 12:30pm. I suppose there are benefits to arriving early. Well after waking up I was reunited with the team minus Milo (miss u lots). So I helped the guys sort out their boats and then we had some much needed lunch. The sailing today was awesome. Loads of wind and lots of learning. Chilling out now and about to watch a bit of transformers, planning on transforming into a fat monster for the windy weather tomorrow. All for now... over and out!

Tim (coach) - Good day on the water, particularly useful for checking the charter boats and working out what needs to improve before we do this for real in the Dominican! Some useful pointers for the sailors about strong wind mainsheet control and technique. Early start tomorrow with up to 4 races!

Friday - Goldener Opti Kiel (GER)

Arrived in Kiel late morning (as per the time plan) after Carla had successfully negotiated driving on the wrong side of the road!

Found Max (10 points) and checked into the hotel having finally found our booking under the name Taylor (-5pts) . Then picked up all of the charter boats and RIB with minimal fuss (+25pts), and also avoiding paying for Milo's boat or a damage deposit (+ 20 pts).

In general charter were well sorted, minus the sailors not bringing any spare elastic for toe straps or bailers (-10pts).

Sailors then returned to the hotel (right next to the dinghy park) to find a full spread of lunch on the table (+10pts & thanks Sarah SB & Carla) Can she be the resident team chef more often please???

After lunch we went and rigged up (with a  brief pause for Martin to put a plaster on his fingers (-10pts) then launched into the sailing area with a fresh 18-28kts (+10 pts) and sunny spells (pictures to follow).

After some minor mishaps with Jamie's toe-straps (-10pts for not checking properly) we had a good session looking at strong wind technique and settling into the conditions and the new boats. Sailors and RIB all registered hassle free (+10pts) despite being told at 1658 that we couldn't register until 1700 so the Germans could keep to their impeccable timings!

Just had a lovely dinner of pasta with tomato, bacon, basil, cheese onion etc and lots of fluids (again thanks to Sarah) which the sailors have wolfed down without any need for encouragement!

Sailors are about to learn how to wash-up, followed by a quick de-brief and an early night given that most of them were up at 4am!

Briefing at 0830 in the morning... first start 1000, with a forecast for about 17kts! LETS GET REEEAAAADY TO RUMBLE!!!!!

All in all a good day (+50 pts for those of you who were counting - PS, RS?) More to follow from the sailors....