Wednesday, 18 July 2012

After sailing

After two races the sailors returned with a mixed set of results and feelings. As we had a top five it was ice creams all round but we settled for chips instead followed by a swim at the club until the end of protest time. We then had to wait for Jamie’s DNC to be sorted. Tim had a small panic when he saw B flag up when he got back because it means the sailors have to be signed on and off the water by coach or team leader and he could not be sure that it had  not be there in the morning. He was relieved to be told by Carla it had just been put up as the sailors came in. She was the only team leader who had been told by their coach that this might happen.

It was then back to our hotel for de brief, sort kit and supper before early night.

So far Tim and Carla have lent out their spare sunglasses, hats, and flip flops. Jamie’s mislaid sailing boots were retrieved from the race office lost property box last night after their day off.  Milo now has three pairs of gloves in the boat park locker. Max remembered as the bus was leaving yesterday he had not got his buoyancy aid so he had to run back to his room and then catch the next bus. Martin had to tie his whistle on his buoyancy aid before he went sailing and so it goes on.

We have been here nearly a week and the wet boxers and socks are beginning to pile up and as ever the sailors are resourceful in solving the problem. One has prevailed on his mum, fair enough, another decided the hotel laundry would be good and one of the others just got out the travel wash asked Carla for some help and used her bath and balcony to do the job and went back to his room last night with a lovely pile on clean clothes. Very pleased he was too. We have asked the others but at the moment washing clothes does not seem to be a priority over playing Frisbee, but there might secret “washing fairies “ that are doing it for them, we don’t know .

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