Sunday, 15 July 2012

Training Day 3

Early bed and lots of sleep for sailors who were up at 07.30am sorting drinks, kits snacks before breakfast. We got to the pancakes that  Milo had with Nutella today. Dining room is so busy we hardly notice any other teams. Our team is not near the disco which is a benefit, although the coach is!

This morning the sailors finished off their boats and applied their Pensato stickers for their photo call. The sailors are beginning to work out that Carla is less on your case if you are more organised. Somebody has realised, after three days, that it is better to confess that you forgot to pack your sunglasses and borrow Tim’s spare sunglasses than put up with the glare. The sailor who forgot their praddle has only just admitted to this and it could be a challenge to find one. A trip to the club boats maybe the answer.  

We are really struggling to get the pictures up and we have loads and maybe it will be soon. Technology is not the DR’s strong point. Carla’s phone is still stalking Tim’s and has now sent him 44 copies of the same text, Despite taking out both the SIM and battery  as advised by Orange UK, we think Kate GT has the same stalker …

ITA have not yet arrived but almost everyone else is here. Some countries are struggling with the heat, one of the girls who went out with out her rash leggings was quite sunburnt last night even though she had loads of sun cream . It looked very sore. One sailor in another team is struggling with being home sick. Thankfully none of ours are.

Sailing today was a little different. Thunderstorms inland were making the wind a touch less stable, and slightly further to the left. We kept working on sussing out the race-course and also some more technique, before moving on to some more race orientated exercises to sharpen up the sailors thinking.

Teams are pairing up and we are with NZL as usual. We have the RIB this morning while they do team racing practice with SWE and then we are going to escape to the Supporter hotel and get out of here.

Luggage is still not appearing for a number of other teams, and one of the parents from FIN has still not got her suitcase and had to go shopping, but Rosa from the Race Office who sorted our missing sail is on to Iberia again. I think she needs a direct line to their office!

We are all paid up and registered and tomorrow is the practice race and opening ceremony.

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