Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Racing day 2

No racing but more drama

Tropical thunderstorms followed by a light and fickle sea breeze fighting a weak land breeze which brought thunderstorms with it.
Coach now repairing Milo's sail. In the storm the battens of his sail were at  both ends of the pockets and he lost both battens and ripped the sail at both end of both  pockets . Nuno and Curly the Championship measurers have deemed it repairable with time, which they think we have, rather than letting him use his second sail. Tim is now repairing the inboard end of the batten pockets and waiting for some battens, we know that NED have some but we are hoping that the Dominican coach will find some. Curly has given Tim some 150mm diameter black tape to mend the sail with which is interesting.

Organisers have now said three races a day for next two days . Max is now looking at the event photographer's pictures from today which will be worth looking at as he was on the water. Sailors have had tea and been for a swim

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