Monday, 16 July 2012

Practice race day

This morning was taken up by final preparations and important tasks such as reading and learning the Sailing Instructions and checking over the boats. After all this had been done, we launched at 1200 and headed out to the race area for some final training and tuning with the Kiwi's before the practice race at 1400. 

Once again conditions were as close to perfect as is possible. 15 kts, sun and 1.5-2m waves! However, as is always the case with practice races, a lot of sailors started early so it was difficult to gauge our performance. All of the sailors seem in good spirits, if somewhat impatient to start racing tomorrow at 1200!

We are currently on shore, with the sailors having a swim, before the opening ceremony in a couple of hours. We will try and post some photos later!

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  1. Hey there, I managed at last to be a follower of your blog and just enjoyed reading through the posts so far and looking at the pics. Now I know where all the sunshine for our summer has gone. Can you send some back home please? Hope you have a good start to your racing and remember all the great things you have been practicing.