Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Race Day 1 - From the coach

The wind was a little lighter than we have experienced so far in the training. However, the patterns of the shifts were very similar. Generally the wind was shifting between 140 and 160 degrees, with the pressure moving down the course driving these shifts.

Because of this, having a clear pre-start plan of what phase the shift was in, and which way you wanted to be headed was the critical factor. This clear plan, and conscious decision about which way to go was what gave some of our sailors their better races.

Compared to previous years, starting is a little easier. With 4 starts, and only 60 boats per flight, there is slightly more space on the line, and, as long as you keep a clear head it is possible to recover from a bad start. It can also be very useful to look at the fleet ahead of you to see what wind is coming down the course.

Sailors have all been relaxed this evening and we have discussed the importance of maintain routines and processes throughout the regatta. We have also helped each sailor to come up with things that they want to continue doing, and others that they want to improve on tomorrow. Highlights of the day include a 5th for Martin and two top 10's for max

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