Friday, 20 July 2012

Racing day 4

wind was kind of crazy today .. lots of different breezes fighting each other , often hard to figure out which one would win out.. during racing 8-12 knots reports Max

Yellow and Blue have done two races , red and green have done one and will be racing on the rest day on Monday to catch  up . There is protest in about a mark being moved in the first blue race which might lead to it being canned.

After this morning's drama Milo had a dream day with a 4th and a 13th in yellow. " I am packing my bag again tonight "  Max who was in green had a great  day"the best sailing day ever !!!" scoring a bullet .  Arran had a better day with a 15th but he is currently being protested, " I concentrated on the processes not the results and it worked" He admitted it has  only taken two regattas and eight weeks for him to carry out what the coach has been repeatedly telling him.
Martin was his usual steady self with a 10th and low 20"s . Jamie explained he was rolled on the line and then could not go the way he wanted.. poor chap got a bout of sea sickness which certainly did not help his pre start routines.

So good day for GBR barring the seasickness

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