Friday, 20 July 2012

Non Racing Day 4

Milo saves Max
Those of you glued to the tracking will know no racing so far .. however the team  has not been without its dramas this morning .

Last night Milo and Carla decided to reorganise Milo's  bag for the boat park. We agreed that the chargers, two packs of playing cards, vitamin C tablets etc were probably not required in the boat park . We laid  out everything on the floor of his room ready to be packed this morning. We even filled all the drinks platypuses ready for the isotonic tablets first thing. but he later decided  to hang his buoyancy aid on the lamp to dry . This meant he did not see it when packing his bag .. As time was short today he decided to combine getting changed with  seeing Kate and Maya , which was when he realised no buoyancy aid. Support team to the rescue , grabbed the broken wrist band, critical for getting into our hotel  and the room key and made a dash for our hotel . In the meantime Max realised in horror that he had forgotten to put in his contacts. Max is sharing with Milo so a quick call to Kate and Maya was able tor retrieve both buoyancy aid and contacts . We had other options for Milo such as Tim's spare etc but even we would not be able to solve lack of contacts so Milo's forgetfulness saved Max today ..

Also pleased to report that the dental braces and their  box were retrieved from the top of the lectern in the main meeting hall this morning . We doubted they were of any use to anyone else and were likely to be found but there was a small moment of stress from the sailor concerned on how to explain to his parents that he had lost them again. . .

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