Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Nieupoort Tuesday Day 4

No races today

There might have been one Gold fleet race if the course had already been set up when the fleet arrived at the race area  . Gold fleet, which was the first start, got half way up the first beat when there was 130 degree wind shift and race was abandoned.

Sailors then resorted to making their own entertainment , playing charades between two RIBS anchored 50 metres apart.

Two of the Flanders team Hamish and Will have just missed making Gold fleet , Will by two places and Hamish who was ill over the weekend.

We hear some of the 420's were suffering from lack of sleep because they believed their weather forecasts which suggested they would not go out today and so they stayed up  late.

One of the girls let it be known that a member of the the Euros team fancied two of the Worlds team but only she knows the details.

PS Do we do gossip or only when there is no racing ??

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