Monday, 16 July 2012

More drama

After our training session yesterday Arran noticed a ding in his gunnel from some rough and tumble with Martin , nothing too serious but he checked over his boat and realised the gunnel was flexing , further in investigation revealed a large crack. Far East was closed for lunch so boys, as planned took off to the "supporter" hotel for swimming , frisbee, followed by home cooked pasta supper. A well earned break from the Saxton/Stanley school of sailing .

About 4pm Tim returned to the boat park leaving Carla to fighting with photographs and the internet .  It has been decided here is a significant  problem with the boat and Far East will have to do a major repair. Nuno head measurer would not agree a replacement hull, so Tim stripped Arrans boat and he will have to borrow another one to day while they repair his and then we will have to re sort his tomorrow .. Not ideal but Arran is one of our most organised and independent sailors so less of a challenge for him than some . Good thing he had the spat with Martin and then conscientiously checked his boat. I
Its only $5 to repair the original bash.

The decision not to replace the hull is because each team has a mixture of new and old boats and the measurer is concerned that a sailor might try and damage and old hull  in the hope of getting a new one, so major repair it is.

So that is today's task . at 2pm we have the practice race and at 5.30pm just as the mosquitoes are comingout we have the opening ceremony down at the club not sure how supper is fitting into ths but and I am sure it is in hand but we have not been told yet .. coaches briefing at 9.30 and team leaders meeting never stops here just goes at Caribbean pace which can be slow or very slow or on time as the mood takes

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