Monday, 23 July 2012

Racing Day 6

Sorry we have not reported in the team were about to when we had to run for the bus ..yesterday was a bit of right off and the repercussions are such that IODA are taking over the race management today .. as one of the Jury said " we might as well of had a lay day " Red and Green got their race in but the committee boat lost its anchor and there was a two and half hour delay while it was sorted out and then the wind died . Some sailors protested the race committee under rule 27.2 and the Protest committee found in their favour and awarded them redress of the results that they had in that race rather than average points which is what they asked for..

As for our guys ,, Max went down the pan and we hope is back up today , Jamie has had  some of his best results with a 27th and a 20th in the race that was abandoned, Martin put in another keeper , Arran also had a satisfactory day and poor Milo was out there for seven ours and no race at all.

Lots of the sailors not just ours have tummy upsets, nobody is sure why but we seem to be over the worst now. We are on our fifth jar of nutella with the breakfast pancakes, the lunches have taken a dive not sure why , they still have not got a good system for the team water and Gatorade ,, and none of us have worked how the restaurant or bar ordering works ..

But the sun is shining, there is some wind and the boys have launched and are all ready to race..  no sign of Tim's bag .. but there was no wallet in it and Carla has his passport so could have been worse..

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  1. Good luck to our GBR sailors on their last day! Thinking of you. xx