Saturday, 14 July 2012

Dominican Day 1 part 2

The blog updates have been a little sparse because the insomniac team leader does not have internet access in her room. The local cockerel has woken her at 4am  hence the early blog .

The team found themselves in a different hotel to the one they were told they would be in and are now in the Belle Vue Dominican Bay as originally planned. It is so big that you would hardly think there was an oppy event on except when you are in the lobby where the internet is. At breakfast this morning there were a number of tables with well thumbed bibles on them and we realised there was an Evangelical Convention going on, confirmed by a group of youngsters all dressed in white which was a bit of a contrast to  the uniform of t-shirt , board shorts and flip flops of our guys.

Food is wide and varied, breakfast yesterday was pancakes with maple syrup and pineapple fritters for some but the more conventional stuck to tradtional cereal, NZ even bringing their own packets from home. Tim discovered the excellent banana bread but it was all gone by the time the sailors went for more.

The sailors are scattered amongst the guests so there is not too much running of the corridors and each block has its own security guard at night. There are several swimming pools and all the normal activities going on like dancing, shows. There is also a free bar but I don’t think (or not until they read this) the sailors have worked out yet.  Beer and wine are on tap in the dining room at dinner but the sailor alcohol ban was clearly re- iterated  for the team. Fortunately they do not really like the taste of beer yet, but Tim assures me that this will change ….

There is little shade in the boat park but as we have had breeze most of the time it did not get too hot and there is free endless supply of water and berry Gatorade . The club is very friendly even if the shark in the tank under the glass entrance to the club is a little off putting. The race office is calm and could not be more accommodating

Our Pensato sponsored kit is great and we are hoping to put some stickers on boats while training as some of the other teams have done. But we could not mention them as that would show their advertising is working. There are to be some discussion on advertising at the IODA AGM so things might change in future.

Sail still not arrived but we have faith it will. Carla had to forsake her swim for a trip to the airport to try and sort it out, but the office was not open until tea time just before the Madrid flight comes in.  Everyone else’s sail and lot kit has arrived eventually. I think the airport has worked out that all these long tubes of outsize luggage have to go the Santa Domingo YC . There is a very laid back attitude here. Sailors have been issued with passes not because they need them but because the organisers thought that the sailors would like them so they felt part of something …things get done without much fuss and if someone can't help they let it go..  

Today's tasks : 
Get lost sail, up date photos, get through measurement , catch up on missed swim when sailors go sailing

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