Monday, 2 July 2012

Nieuwpoort Day 3

Yesterday one race,  monstrous  seas see results

Todays update from Ravi,  stand in for Iain calder.. subsitute for Tim and Carla
Three Races today,  southerly 8-10 knots flat sea , big tide ( Lymington plus )

Race 1
1st flight Milo 1st, Martin 5th, Arran BFD,
2nd  flight Jamie 1st , Max 6th

Race 2
 Milo 18th. Martin 9th , Arran 4th
 Max 1st, Jamie 11th

Race 3
where last beat turned into a run
Martin 1st , Arran 2nd, Milo 6th ,
 Jamie 7th , Max 6th

Overal  Miel the BEL still in first , Jamie 2nd, Max 3rd, Arran 4th , Jaspar 5th , GER 6th, Martin 7th , Milo 8th .  Going gold silver tomorrow

Carla happy to publish any other news if you get it to her ....

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