Sunday, 22 July 2012

Lazy Sunday Morning

No sailing today for the sailors so after a slightly later and more leisurely breakfast there were a few catch up phone calls and domestics before the team went over to  the supporters hotel for lunch . Carla stayed here to catch up on the accounts and paperwork and have a tidy up. Later she has to go the club for the IODA AGM where the venues for 2014 will be decided will it be Poland or Argentina or maybe Thailand ??? Argentina could be interesting for us because it is two weeks in October rather than Christmas. Poland is late August and Thailand is early December finishing before Christmas. Lots of proxy s being held for the countries whose reps have gone out for the day . We have the proxy votes for Hungary who want to vote the same way as us . It will be very close. 

The team are going to the boat park late afternoon to check over their boats and then back here to look at video and tracking and get themselves back into race mode for tomorrow. Green and Red Flights are one race behind at the moment so our spare day is being used to catch up . Max and Jamie are in Green and Arran is in Red. Milo and Martin in Yellow have done their two races and we have nobody in Blue. We only have done four of a possible 12 races and we have not  reached the only discard yet . We might make 10 races.

Jamie has been a bit " crook" but is now well on the way to recovery . Everyone else is fine so far.


  1. Thanks Carla. Good luck for the second half!

  2. Great Blog. Thanks Carla and Tim.

  3. Good luck to all the team. Hope that the weather plays its' part and gives you stable breezes or shifts that work for you.