Monday, 23 July 2012

Day 5 Racing

Today, should be our rest day but most sailors are glad  to be back on the water as are their team leaders and coaches and parents. It has caught the organisers on the hop because nobody was expecting to be here  and lunch was made in a hurry and the rumour was the race committee was having a lie in but as the PRO was on the bus with us we dismissed that one.

So more drama , Tim's  kit bag with his laptop, phone, camera and all the other junk coaches have, appears to have gone walk about . It was spotted going on a bus but has not been seen since.. he is on the water doing his job while Carla files all the police report and deals with the insurance company etc. other stuff has turned up so we are hoping . Its a bit trying but only a matter of money and not health or anything more serious is the approach we are taking .. we have local phones and Carla's  steam driven laptop and her camera at least. Tim is most upset about loosing his Singapore sun hat and zinc cream that stops  his nose going red

The  sailors have more important things to worry about  than Tim's lost bag and there was a lot of toilet humour and discussion going on in the boat park, this morning  . Carla handing out Imodium tablets like smarties, but as usual there is always one sailor who knows better and much to the amusement of the rest he decided to take his anti constipation pills instead . It was a mistake ..  I will spare you the details but there was a lot of laughter .... so everyone was very relaxed as they set off this morning ..

Off to deal with the police ..

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