Friday, 20 July 2012

Early Start

After sailing yesterday the sailors went home to  the supporters hotel for tea and games and returned to our hotel promptly by 7.30pm to find out from Tim and Carla that the race committee have brought everything forward by an hour and half and first signal will be 10.30am .. this means we loose an hour and half of our routine . The sailors have been asked to woken up at 6.30am for breakfast at 7.00 when it opens and catch the 7.45 bus to be in the boat park for 8.00.

This has put paid to Carla's early morning 30 minute swim to the reef , as even if she is writing this at 6.00 am and for those  who know that is v early for her, swimming as well would mean swimming in the dark.. good thing the cockerel is still waking her up ..

We only found out about the early start because Tim and Carla decided to stay and have supper there where the Internet is better and it is quieter and we checked our pigeon hole before we left. Lots of teams had not . Plan is to start early next week too.

After today we have a change of mindset and move to team racing and maybe even a rest day but we are in danger of loosing it .

When the sailors have left IODA are holding their AGM. Carla has had excellent  instructions from David Baddley ( thanks) on how to vote on the various issues . His email is easier to understand than the IODA agenda ! She has also been asked to be the proxy for Hungary for the vote for both the Europeans and Worlds venues. Worlds venues for 2014, Poland where the Europeans were in 2010, Thailand at Christmas and Argentina in October, the general view is that it will be tight . Europeans are between Ireland and Poland . There is also a decsion to be made on advertising by the class. Let you know later where the teams maybe going in 2014.

Have to go and get sailors up for breakfast

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